• Thoughts on Progress

    Epistemic status: Strong beliefs, loosely held
    We can make life dope.

  • The Odin Project: Review

    Epistemic status: review
    A year ago, I had zero programming experience.

  • A Simple Ethics Model

    Epistemic status: Medium confidence, not surprised if I'm missing something important
    I’ve been thinking about normative ethics lately.

  • let's go 2020 woooo

    Epistemic status: update
    This year sucked! However, I was lucky to spend most of it learning.

  • 100 Tips For A Better Life

    Epistemic status: up to date
    The other day I made an advice thread based on Putanumonit's from last year!

  • 40 Programming Questions / 6 Months In

    Epistemic status: in progress
    I started teaching myself to program about six months ago.

  • Pregnancy? Experts Divided.

    Epistemic status: still livid
    In confronting the problem of mortality and the falling human population, a radical solution has been floated: Allow women to deliberately become pregnant and give birth.

  • Poetry With Heart

    Epistemic status: speculative
    Do we like bad writing? Does it have heart?

  • The Virtues of Melee

    Epistemic status: confident
    Two weeks ago, improvements to the netcode for Super Smash Bros Melee (Melee) dramatically expanded the potential for online play.

  • Second-Order Existential Risk

    Epistemic status: Speculative, low confidence
    How important is creating the conditions to fix existential risks versus actually fixing existential risks?

  • Three Ways to Think Less Stupidly About Groups

    Epistemic status: Confident
    On simple ways to think better about groups.

  • The Values of Others

    Epistemic status: Mildly confident, not surprised if missing important component
    It seems like common-sense to appeal to the values of others, in a Dale Carnegie way. Show people why they should agree with you! People don’t care about your values, they want you to appeal to theirs!


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