Pixel Sorter


Pixel Sorter is a website for creating glitch art through pixel sorting. I built it over the last two weeks on request from my designer friend who noticed that there are paid apps for pixel sorting and scripts, but not a solid, free website for it.

Pixel-sorted Starry Night

It includes

  • Random, full image, and threshold sorting
  • Sorting by hsl and rgb values
  • Cardinal directions.
  • Regular and inverted masking.

You can get pretty precise effects through the use of inverted masking.

Pixel-sorted book cover

Caveat: It might crash if you try to glitch an image that's too large. All work is done within your browser. The pro is that Pixel Sorter will always be free and you retain your privacy, the con is that your browser will get upset if you use too much memory. If you happen to be a programmer good at reducing memory usage, contact me!

Pixel-sorted Monet painting